the one person you forgot to get a gift for

gift of health

I think I’m all ready for the holidays, when I realize that I forgot to get someone a gift, then panic sets in. We’ve all been there, but this gift that you put aside, or have been meaning to get, but you keep forgetting, is for you! It’s okay to get yourself a gift! This gift keeps on giving because it’s a gift of health; it will not only reduce your chances of getting injured, being put on prescription medication (and feeling worse), and/or getting diagnosed with a disease.

While exercise and clean eating (like lots of veggies, and sufficient protein) won’t guarantee you’ll never get sick, you’ll look and feel better from the inside-out. Sign up for personal training sessions to learn how to lift weights safely to increase strength and mobility, and make it your mission to increase your nutrients with whole foods, and cutting way back on fast food and processed foods.

If you live in San Diego, I offer personal training sessions at Crunch Fitness, so contact me on this blog or through my website Let me know you follow my blog, and I’ll throw in a free training session. (Who doesn’t love free?)

Exercise is amazing (you’ll sweat and feel happier when you’re done), but without proper nutrients and appropriate portions, exercising and weight loss can be challenging, so make sure to order my both my diet book and dessert cookbook from

Give the gift to the most important person: you. Because when you’re happier, everyone else around you is happier too.

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